About Aashansh

Aashansh is a non-profit organisation with a mission to provide children from underprivileged communities in India with the confidence and knowledge to unlock the door to social mobility, through weekly mentorship sessions and an experiential education programme.

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We pair each child with a mentor; a mentor who guides them, supports them and believes in them. Together, mentor and child go on a journey to unearth hidden talents, grow existing ones and build long-lasting friendships, establishing in each child the confidence that they can define their own life.

We believe however that a child needs both the confidence to believe in change and the educational foundation to make that change possible in order to truly realise their potential.

Our before and after school programme, which offers an experiential approach to learning, therefore ensures that each child has the toolkit to turn their dreams, nurtured through the mentorship sessions, into a reality.

So each child leaves Aashansh equipped with both the confidence and the knowledge required to carry on their journey towards a better life independently, and with an unshakable sense of self-worth.

Aashansh is currently working with 40 children, aged 6-18, in a street community in Worli. From our centre at Century Bazaar, we teach nearly 250 sessions a year. Combined with 50 mentorship sessions, this comes to 600 hours of interaction with each Aashansh child a year.

Aashansh is a non profit organisation which envisions a world where every child uses education to change his/her life. In 7 years, we have 2 centers that teaches 50 children for nearly 312 sessions for nearly 624 hours in a year to become who they want to be and pursue their dreams

Our Model

A two-pronged approach that builds both confidence and knowledge in each child

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Our Values

Six values that we believe in and are committed to upholding at Aashansh

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Where it all began

It all began with a dream…

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