Our Values

Along with its mission and vision, there are certain values that serve as the core of the Aashansh team. These values remain constant, and the Aashansh team has individually and collectively committed to upholding these values in all decisions and actions. Here, each core value is defined as what it means for Aashansh, so that it can operate from a place of common understanding as it works towards building an excellent organization that consistently delivers on its mission and improves over time.



As an organisation, we are driven by our confidence that we can facilitate change and social mobility. And we strive to grow a sense of self-confidence in each child to follow their own dreams and fulfill their potential.


We are innovative and creative in our mindset towards education, always pushing boundaries and seeking out the best method to ensure that each Aashansh child learns to the best of their ability, in an engaging environment.


We believe that every child should have an equal opportunity to social mobility and at Aashansh we are committed to providing that opportunity.


All that we do at Aashansh is underpinned by a commitment to delivering the highest quality education and supportive environment. What we do, we do well. But always striving for self-improvement, we constantly analyse ourselves for where we can be even better.


Honesty in all that we do, with all people.                                                                                  


We believe in a sustainable model for growth to ensure that Aashansh can grow efficiently and best channel funding directly towards the children.