Where it all began

It all began with a dream. Ramesh Joshi’s dream

Ramesh Joshi, the founder, chairman and director of The Aashansh Foundation was born in Uttaranchal and brought up in Mumbai. When he was first brought to Mumbai, he had the opportunity to study at the army school, one of the best schools in Mumbai. However, after a few years, when he was in the 5th standard, the Army school fees became unaffordable for his family and so he was forced to leave. Fortunately, in addition to school in the morning, Ramesh also attended an NGO’s educational after-school program every afternoon for 10 years, to learn, and sometimes unlearn, what his formal schooling had given him. He went on to attend NGO’s youth social leadership program that motivates young people to lead social change.


But Ramesh, inspired by the hardship he had overcome and the guidance that had been offered to him, desired to go out and make a larger difference. To bring about a greater change…


Ramesh’s dream

Ramesh loves children and always struggled to see street children living such a life of hardship. His own experience taught him that education is the only tool that will truly help these children move out of their current situation.


He started Aashansh therefore with the dream to educate as many children as possible, in terms of both emotional and academic support. For him, it is integral that every child has an equal opportunity to fulfill his or her potential.


Ramesh is now working on making his dream become a reality so that underprivileged children can in turn achieve their own dreams, and unlock the door to social mobility.


He has received many awards and recognitions for his work with Aashansh including Ashoka’s youth venture recognition, a vocational award from Rotary club of Mumbai south and recently in 2013 he won Society’s young achiever award.