Our Model

Aashansh believes that each child needs the confidence to believe in change and the knowledge to make that change a reality. As a result, we use a two-pronged approach: Our weekly mentorship sessions nurture an unshakable sense of self-belief in each student and a daily before and after school programme establishes a strong educational foundation.

Our mentors are group of ambitious, young professionals in career paths ranging from management consultancy to graphic design to scientific research. The children are placed into groups of three based on their academic competency and are then paired with a mentor who best suits their interest areas.

The daily before and after school programme does not simply echo what is taught in the public school classroom. Rather, Aashansh is dedicated to creating an experiential and hands-on environment for learning in order to fully engage the imagination (and attention!) of each child.The Aashansh curriculum does support however the national curriculum in order to make the learning process as productive and efficient as possible.

  Weekly mentorship sessions

  Daily before and after school programme

  • 1 mentor for 3 children
  • 2 hour sessions each week
  • Build upon academic studies
  • Grow a fruitful and long-lasting friendship
  • Establish confidence and a sense of self- worth in   each child
  • 20 children per class
  • 2 hour classes daily Monday to Saturday
  • Basic English & mathematics
  • Coaching in other academic subjects
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Field trips